The Deans Sports Partnership

The Deans Sports Partnership


Our Lady of Lourdes – Champions of the Deans Sports Partnership Community Cup

2016-2017, 2017-2018 and 2018-2019

The Deans Sports Partnership is a joint collaboration of local schools within the Deans area.
The aims of the partnership are to work together in Physical Education and School Sport by:

    • Raising the profile of PE and School Sport by improving the quality of teaching and learning through direct support to teachers and Inset opportunities.
    • Providing opportunities to increase the range and provision of opportunities to schools to encourage healthy, active lifestyles.
    • Providing opportunities for children to take part in competition and enrichment activities.
    • Developing opportunities for young people to take part in leadership and volunteering through sports captains and sports leadership programmes.
    • Seeking ways to create a sustainable partnership for future years.
    • Producing reports and management information to relevant parties such as OFSTED, teachers, governors and community representatives.

Events and Results

Deans Sports Partnership Impact Statement

Events and Competitions

For most events, we will play the other schools in the Deans Sports Partnership and the results will contribute to The Deans Sports Partnership Community Cup.  Final 2018-19 results:


So far this year we have done brilliantly across the tournaments and competitions we have taken part in. In our first competition since Christmas, the Deans Sports partnership athletics competition, we showed a fantastic range of skills which saw us achieve a very creditable 3rd place. We can’t wait for the rest of this term’s competitions.


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