Breakfast Club

Children will be supervised, served with a healthy breakfast, provided with quiet activities and escorted to their classroom at 8.50am.

Mrs Maria Franklin, MDSA, Breakfast Club Supervisor, Site Cleaner

When:  Every day from 7.40am to 8.50am

Cost:  £3.00 per session

Please be advised that we can only take children in breakfast club who are
booked in. The reason for this is that additional children require more
staffing. Therefore, we need to know in advance the numbers attending
breakfast club.
We are aware that there may be occasions when there is a last minute need
for breakfast club. In this case please may we ask that you contact Our
Lady of Lourdes School Office on 01273 306980.
Please note the following:-
• The starting time for breakfast club is 7.40am, we can not
accommodate an earlier start for any children without a prior written
• Breakfast is served from 7.55am until 8.20am.

Regular bookings:  Please ask for a booking form at the office or download here.

Mrs Monica Llave-Gomes, MDSA and Breakfast Club Assistant
Miss Marisa Nixon, Individual Needs Assistant, MDSA and Breakfast Club Assistant