Forest School

Hi, my name’s Miranda and I’m having a whale of a time with Reception and Year 1 in our newly-created Forest School.

I qualified as a Forest School Leader last year because I realised that all my best memories of childhood came from being in the countryside, always without adults, roaming the heath with my friends, getting muddy, giving names to the slopes that we cycled down at breakneck speed. It’s very rare for children to have such freedom these days – my own kids have turned out to be much happier in the city streets, despite my best efforts! Luckily, Our Lady of Lourdes Forest School offers children the chance to swing on ropes, build dens, find secret paths, roll in the mud and make delicious mud and leaf soup! While they are playing, they are also learning about nature and the wildlife in the wood, how to take care of themselves and others and how to manage risk. I hope that their experience of Forest School will instil in them a love and deeper understanding of nature as well as a knowledge of how to light a fire, build a shelter and tie a knot, just in case they ever need them – all with bundles of fun and laughter.

Reception at Forest School

Reception and Year 1 have been coming in ready for the Forest School adventure, with their boots and coats on, excited to learn.  Remarkable things have been happening in our woods – including a 4 ft nest!  Teachers use the ideas from Forest School within their “indoor” lessons, which is invigorating the curriculum further and leading to high quality learning.

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