Year 2

Welcome from Miss Worsfold

Pupils’ work across the curriculum is often of a high standard. They take pride in what they produce and work hard in the time given. (Ofsted 2018)

Letter to pupils

Work for school closure – this will be updated weekly


Week 1 23.03.20: English Day 1English Day 2English Day 3English Day 4English Day 5 – St George and the Dragon

Week 2 30.03.20: English Day 1English Day 2English Day 3English Day 4English Day 5 


Week 1 23.03.20: Maths Day 1Maths Day 2Maths Day 3Maths Day 4Maths Day 5

Week 2 30.03.20: Maths Day 1Maths Day 2Maths Day 3Maths Day 4Maths Day 5

White Rose daily Maths lessons


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French, PE, Art, Science/Computing, Online Safety and other activities:

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So much is discovered through the love reading! To ensure your children are building their skills and confidence as readers, it is important that they read daily at home for at least 10 minutes. Parents are asked to remind their children to independently switch their reading books a few times a week. Children know which book band is most appropriate for their level at this time. If there are any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

At school children take part daily in spelling and phonics programmes. Each week children will receive spellings in their homework book to practise. These are common exception words set out by the National Curriculum that children are expected to be able to spell by the end of Year 2. The following Friday children will have an opportunity to show how well they have practised these words by completing a short spelling test. It is important your children practise these words and write them in sentences at home to become secure and confident in their spellings.
Government spellings list – Key Stage One

Each Friday a brief note of what we have been working on in Maths will be in their homework book. These skills can be practised with practical online games at home that can be accessed with the suggested websites. We hope to provide links to these websites on the school portal shortly so children will be able to log in and access these by clicking on the link.

Topic Take home task
A Take Home Task will be set each term which links to the topic for that term.

Thank you for your support

Miss Worsfold

Some highlights from Year 2.

Nativity Play
Our Dinosaur Experience Day

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