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How parents of children with SEND can help their children


Monday 8 June was World Ocean Day!  There were lots of things going on all day, online – catch up here.


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Letter to pupils 25.03.2020


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Set 5 (29.06.2020):  Talk for Writing Home School Booklet

Set 4 (07.06.2020):  Talk for Writing Home School Booklet


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Week 11 06.07.2020 Worksheets: Lesson 1Lesson 2Lesson 3Lesson 4
Week 11 06.07.2020 Answers: Lesson 1Lesson 2Lesson 3Lesson 4

Week 10 29.06.2020 Worksheets: Lesson 1Lesson 2Lesson 3Lesson 4
Week 10 29.06.2020 Answers: Lesson 1Lesson 2Lesson 3Lesson 4


Please do the White Rose lesson first, and if you want to revisit prior learning, you can continue with the tasks below.

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Tomb Raiders (Egyptians)


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Weekly Kindness Calendar 29.06.2020 Kindness Poems

Past Kindness Calendars can be accessed here.

Please check out our Remote Learning page.  This is frequently updated with ideas and material suitable across year groups.

Zara writes:  ‘I am a big fan of Florence Nightingale. I have 6 books about her and have been to the Florence Nightingale museum at St Thomas’ hospital in London where I sometimes have appointments.
I like Florence Nightingale because she is a hero!
She was born in Italy that’s why her parents named her after the Italian city Florence.
She studied a lot and read lots f books
Her parents recommended her to find a boyfriend and get married but she didn’t want to.
She thought she wanted to be a nurse and then she gave food to poor people in England
So then she studied about being a nurse and then she told people to come if they wanted to be a nurse and then she picked the ladies who were not too old and not too young and then she went with her nurses to Turkey because she wanted to go to the hospital where the soldiers were if they were shot in the Crimean war.
When she got to the hospital lots of soldiers were lying on the floor with the old bedsheets covered in maggots and blood and really dirty. And if you were lucky enough – for example you were important you would get a wooden headrest but you were still on the floor. She went in, it smelt horrible and then she asked the man in charge if she could make the hospital a bit cleaner, he said he’ll give her 1 chance. When she went through the soldiers they weren’t dying of their wounds they were dying because the hospital was too dirty and they got infected. So she started the nurses scrubbing the floor, getting beds and washing the sheets, put clean bandages on and some healthy soup was cooked for the soldiers. Some of the nurses got the soldiers new clothes and after that they got into bed and at night time Florence would go through maybe holding their hands and a few weeks later, some soldiers who would have died, survived and went home. While she was walking she was holding her lamp and that’s why when it all ended she was named the lady with the lamp.
Florence became very famous and people made little model dolls of her. But Florence didn’t like her photo being taken.’

Examples of Home Working during school closure

Click on the pictures to start slideshows

Emily says: I am sending you picture of Egyptian king I drew yesterday. – Thank you, Emily!!

From Magda:  Yesterday I went on YouTube and drew a very nice and happy picture. I hope you like it. And a painting of an Egyptian mummy I did couple of days ago.

Alicia made an Egyptian necklace for Cleopatra and also learnt more about the Egyptian gods.  She also worked on a Viking project, did some Science and made a butterfly feeder. 

Reuben wrote a book review – thank you for sharing, Reuben!

From Connie:  We drew on pebbles we collected on a beach walk and left them on our neighbours’ door steps to put a smile on their faces.  I’ve done a world puzzle on my own and had to then find the countries mummy said to me.

A poem, pictures and letters from Lily-Mai.  Lily-Mai also enjoys jumping with her horse Fleur. 

Charlie learnt a lot about space!

Lyla drew a lion and made a to-do list for mummifying a pharaoh.  She also made a home for her pet snail “Flash” and a pyramid with some treasure in it. 

Harry has been busy. He helped do the front garden, worked on his maths and made his lantern.

Leo did a Skittles science experiment and wrote about it.  He is also working on a computer game – watch out for when it’s finished!  And he is learning geography.

Abigail made a time capsule and wrote two poems.  Also look for her prayer on the “Prayer Spaces” page.

Caitlin made a Sphinx.  She looked for cardboard she could use, and then made it independently.  Well done, Caitlin!

Charlie has done a lot of work for History, Geography and Science. Well done, Charlie!

Charlie has also been very busy learning Spanish.

Hello from Nathaniel, and a science experiment.

Connie also did a lot of science investigations!

Lyla drew pictures of her favourite Lion Guard characters.

Reuben wrote a newspaper report about bushfires in Australia.

Although homework at Primary School is not compulsory, we believe that it is an important part of a child’s school life.

  • It provides great opportunities for them to learn independently.
  • It allows children to take responsibility for their learning; setting time aside and being organised – a valuable tool when moving through Key Stage 2 and onto secondary school.
  • Reinforces and consolidates classroom learning.
  • Provides opportunities for parents and children to enjoy learning together.
  • Inspires children to want to extend their learning.

Every Friday, one or more tasks will be set on MyMaths  ( for your child to complete by the following Wednesday. This will relate to the work they have been doing in class that week. It will either support their learning or provide an extension to what they have learnt already.

Additional maths homework may be set from time to time to support personalised learning.

If your child is unable to complete their My Maths homework at home, there are opportunities throughout the week at lunch times for this to be completed.

Times Tables
Your child should also be practising their times tables regularly. In addition to X2, X3, X5, X10 that the children have learnt previously, by the end of Year 3 they are also expected to learn X4 and X8.
Here is a useful link for you to use with your child to help them practice.
Hit the Button

YouTube also has some good times tables songs.

Spelling homework will be sent home each week as well. These are linked to the Read Write Inc spelling programme that is followed in school. Your child will have recorded words they need to practise from this in their blue Read, Write, Inc spelling log book.

As well as this, words that we refer to as ‘Jumping Orange Words’ will be set. These are from the Year 3 and 4 Curriculum list of words. A list of 6 of these will be sent home each week.

Children should read daily for 10 minutes every evening if possible. Please record a comment in the back of your child’s homework book so we can keep track of their reading.  Here is a link to a Year 3 suggested Reading list.

Guided reading sessions take place during the school day, to ensure that every child is given the opportunity to read at least once a week with adult support.

A Take Home Task will be set each term which links to the topic for that term.

Further Guidance on Homework
Homework should never cause unnecessary stress or anxiety for the child or parent. Please let the class teacher know if you feel this is the case. We recommend that children in Yr 3 and 4 do not spend longer than 30 – 40 minutes in any one homework session.
Please encourage your child to take pride in the good presentation of their homework.

Many thanks for your cooperation,

Miss Cordell

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