Year 5

Good bye from Mr Deacon

Teachers provide opportunities for pupils to present their work in interesting ways that encourage creativity and motivate pupils. (Ofsted 2018)

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Mental Health and Wellbeing Support

How parents can help their children continue their education

How parents of children with SEND can help their children


Monday 8 June was World Ocean Day!  There was lots going on all day, online – catch up here.


Letters from Mr Deacon

Letter to pupils 25.03.2020

Letter to pupils 20.04.2020


Set 5 (29.06.2020):  Talk for Writing Home School Booklet

Set 4 (08.06.2020):  Talk for Writing Home School Booklet

Strategies for Exploring Unfamiliar Vocabulary



Supporting Reading at Home

Mr Deacon’s Book Reviews and Recommendations



White Rose Maths lessons 

The worksheets are no longer available for free from the White Rose website, but you will find them below:

Week 12 13.07.2020 Worksheets: Lesson 1Lesson 2Lesson 3 Lesson 4
Week 12 13.07.2020 Answers: Lesson 1Lesson 2Lesson 3Lesson 4

Week 11 06.07.2020 Worksheets: Lesson 1Lesson 2Lesson 3 Lesson 4
Week 11 06.07.2020 Answers: Lesson 1Lesson 2Lesson 3Lesson 4



Link to daily video lessons (9am)

Link to My Maths

Link to Times Tables Rock Stars


RE (Stewardship):

Letter to parentsTeachers’ notesScripture NotesExplore Learning Focus 1 Learning Focus 2Learning Focus 3Learning Focus 4Learning Focus 5Learning Focus 6


History – VE Day 8 May

Design a VE Day Medal VE Day ComprehensionVE Day Celebration ActivitiesMorse Code Chart and Activities

Topic Ancient Greeks


Ancient Greece Information BookletAncient Greeks Home Learning Project



Online Computing Lessons


French, PE, Art, Science/Computing, Online Safety, Outdoor Learning and other activities:

Weekly Kindness Calendar 13.07.2020 Weather and the Planet

Past Kindness Calendars can be accessed here.

Please also check out our Remote Learning page.  

Examples of work done during school closure

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Hadlee made two calm jars from the Prayer Space activities – one for himself and one for a friend.  He also performed poetry.

Alex has been enjoying nature up on the downs and keeping healthy at the same time! He has also taken part in the Joe Wick’s PE lessons on YouTube as well as building his own Anderson shelter out of Lego and testing its strength! Well done Alex!

Connor has been doing lots of arts and crafts including this lovely picture of Mr Deacon, I mean Homer Simpson! Well done Connor!

Hadlee has really embraced learning at home including our new topic the Ancient Greeks. He has made and decorated Greek vases, researched Ancient Greek theatre and invented his own Greek God! Hadlee has also  written his own stories! Well done Hadlee, brilliant work!

Hadlee has also sent us a Greek Gods quiz which I tried to send out over the weekend but there was a problem. Click on the blue link and see if you can complete the quiz and we’ll check our answers soon!

Imogen has enjoyed her time off, including playing and working with her little brother. Here they are taking part in Joe Wick’s YouTube PE lesson, see if you can spot Imogen! Well done!

Izel has been working hard on her maths and English whilst she is away. She has also worked independently and with her sister to create artworks and even an Anderson shelter made out of woodland materials! Well done Izel!

Molly has shown brilliant creativity to invent and draw a new animal called an Eleraffers can you work out what combination of animals creates this sublime creature? Well done Molly!

Oliver has been hard at work, he has drawn his own cartoon wolf which he is planning on drawing into a cartoon strip. He has also been working hard on his writing and handwriting even sending Mr Deacon a letter! Well done Oliver!

Xavier has thrown himself into our new topic of the Ancient Greeks. He has produced a lovely and very glittery poster all about the Parthenon in Athens. Well done Xavier!

Alexandra has created a lovely self-portrait using paint. This is a wonderful example of how to produce a self-portrait in tricky medium. Well done Alexandra!

Olivia has made a stunning and very life like self-portrait. This piece of art is a great example of how to produce a lovely self-portrait. Well done Olivia!

Christy has shown some really excellent creativity in our new topic of the Ancient Greeks. She has produced a lovely poster on the topic of Hercules the film (which is awesome) and has very cleverly used cups and trays to build very strong structures inspired by the Parthenon. Well done Christy!

More from Izel – she has also been experimenting with cups and trays to build a replica of the Parthenon. She and her sister have also been working hard on their online maths. Brilliant effort!

Arthur has created a wonderful model of a medal to celebrate the 75th anniversary VE day (Victory in Europe day). This piece of art and design brilliantly links back to our previous topic of World War II. Well done Arthur!

Poppy has produced an excellent prayer of hope for the future. She has also added brilliant illustrations and art to catch the reader’s eye. Well done Poppy!

And Izel has been learning French!

Jasmine has produced an excellent document looking at the ways that Ancient Greek education and schools were different to our modern schools. Well done Jasmine!

Maths from Jasmine

A Thank you NHS poem from Connor

A “Hope” poem from Alexandra

Although homework at Primary School is not compulsory, we believe that it is an important part of a child’s school life.

  • It provides great opportunities for them to learn independently.
  • It allows children to take responsibility for their learning; setting time aside and being organised – a valuable tool when moving through Years 5 and 6 and onto secondary school.
  • Reinforces and consolidate classroom learning.
  • Provides opportunities for parents and children to enjoy learning together.
  • Inspires children to want to extend their learning.

Homework will be set on a Friday ready to be handed in on a Wednesday. Homework will be written into the children’s homework books and will also be published on the website. Any sheets they will need to complete will be given to the class in paper form, and will also be uploaded onto here.

Each week the children will be set 3 pieces of homework:

MyMaths (Due on Tuesdays)
Spellings (Due on Tuesdays)
Guided Reading (Due on specific day to each child)

Along with the 3 set pieces, the following is also important:

Learning times tables should be an ongoing task at home. It is fundamental that the children know their multiplication facts by heart as this provides an excellent foundation for their maths knowledge.

We really encourage children to read daily. Although in year 5 children tend to enjoy reading on their own, we do also value paired reading with someone at home, or an aunt or uncle. When sharing a book with your child, we would ask that you provide support in checking their understanding of the book they are reading by asking questions such as:

  • What has happened so far?
  • What do you think is going to happen next?
  • What do you know about the characters?
  • Are there any characters that you think are similar to you? Why?
  • Why do you think the author used that sentence?

Here is a link to a list of suggested Reading for Year 5

Take Home Task
A ‘take home task’ will be set at the start of a new topic to be completed by the start of the next half term.

Further Guidance on Homework
Homework should never cause unnecessary stress or anxiety for the child or parent. Please let the class teacher know if you feel this is the case. We recommend that children in Yr 5 and 6 do not spend longer than 45 minutes – 1 hr in any one homework session.

Please encourage your child to take pride in the good presentation of their homework.

Many thanks for your cooperation,

Mr Deacon

Maths Work


Daily Mile


Working in RE

So far in 2020 Year 5 have been looking at the topic Mission.  We have considered the role of Mission in our lives, the life of the Catholic church and the life of Christ.



Year 5 Dance
Year 5 Dance

Trip to Newhaven Fort 9 March

Today we travelled to Newhaven fort where we had the chance to explore the historic battlements, learn more about the home front and handle real objects from the Second World War. It was a great trip, we learnt lots and had loads of fun.

Other highlights in Year 5


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