Living in the “now”, not the past or the future

You have enhanced the curriculum by offering Mindfulness lessons. This has impacted positively on pupils’ ability to concentrate and learn effectively. (Ofsted 2018)

OLOL is championing the use of Mindfulness during the school day to teach children calming techniques and strategies; to help ease any anxieties they may have and encourage them live in the ‘now’ rather than the past or future. We are taking our lead from Wendy Guest, SafetyNet Mindfulness Practitioner, who is leading staff training and pupil support.

So far, children and staff are really enjoying this new initiative, and positive impacts have already been felt in all aspects of school life! We are dove-tailing this teaching with other curriculum aspects including RE, PHSE and Protective Behaviours.

If you wish to learn more about this, please keep checking our newsletters for more info. School plans to run parent workshops in 2019, and we hope to make some resources for parents available here as well.