Our Pupils

We firmly believe in listening to our pupils. Many contribute to various aspects of school life through the Student Council and, in their final year, as Year 6 Buddies.

You ensure that pupils’ views and opinions inform key decisions about the running of the school. You systematically seek out the views and opinions of pupils, including on how they learn best and what they want to learn. (Ofsted 2018)

‘I like my school as there’s loads of kind and helpful people and they’ll do anything for you.’

‘When you walk in you just feel it’s great to be here!’

‘It’s the best school  in the whole wide world!’

‘We get help when we really need it.’

‘We care about everybody.’

‘What would make the school better? It’s fine just the way it is.’

‘The School Council makes the school better with new ideas which they action, and it ensures the children get heard.’

‘If you’re feeling sad, people will help you feel comfortable.’

Every two years, the Local Authority conducts a Safe and Well at School Survey of all pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6. We are very pleased that our key indicators are significantly better than the average of all Primary Schools in Brighton and Hove and are also on an upward trend from an already very positive picture in 2016.

OLOL 2016OLOL 2018LA 2018Difference OLOL/LA
Been bullied this term8%6%17%11%
Enjoy learning at school97%99%88%11%
Feel safe at school96%98%89%9%
My school is good at dealing with bullying92%95%83%12%
Feel like I belong in this school89%100%86%14%

Links to help your learning:
Hit the Button (timestables)
Times Tables Songs
My Maths
Maths Chase (race to practice your times tables or other maths tasks)
Spelling List
Our Learning Characters

Many Our Lady of Lourdes pupils have the opportunity to represent the school within the local, regional and national community. This can be through the Deans School Partnership, Brighton and Hove School-wide, the Diocese or through the many sporting events and competitions entered by our extremely active sports Subject leader. There are many varied activities to try in addition to our broad and inclusive curriculum. The pupils at the school are encouraged to discuss, to speak up when they see something they feel is wrong and to support each other. We believe that the children who leave this school are appropriately prepared for their future roles in society, whatever they may be.

Rottingdean and Saltdean Lions ROAR Competition Winners
Art Exhibition at The Grange
Deans Sports Partnership Competition

How our children are involved to ensure everyone’s voice is heard and everyone is happy

We have a successful School Council with representatives from each year group.  

Reception – Lucca and Emily; Year 1 – Lawson and Elise D; Year 2 – Erin F and Reuben; Year 3 – Sophia and Rocky; Year 4 – Dylan and Lucia; Year 5 – Felix, Kai, Izel and Molly; Year 6 – Spencer, Michael and Caitlin

All classes are also represented on our Eco Council.

Reception – Darcy and Aiden; Year 1 – Beatrix and Tobiasz; Year 2 – Maya, Isabella and Leo; Year 3 – Alicia and Gus;  Year 4 – Stanley and Caitlin; Year 5 – Connor and Alexandra; Year 6 – Lola and Max

20 of our Year 6 children are also trained Playground Buddies.

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