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“Into the Woods” Schools’ Arts Exhibition

From 2 – 14 October 2018, Our Lady of Lourdes, together with three other local schools participated in an ambitious and unique exhibition at The Grange Art Gallery.

Pupils of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School, St. Margarets Church of England Primary School, Longhill High School and Downsview Link College, contributed 2 – 3 dimensional art work with the theme “Into The Woods” .

“Two years earlier, Our Lady of Lourdes School exhibited pupils’ art work here at the Grange,” said Rob Upward (retired head teacher and Rottingdean Preservation Society committee member). “I was surprised by the degree of interest shown by the children exhibiting their work and by their parents. So, from this came the idea of holding a schools’ exhibition.”

The Grange Gallery responded to this innovative idea by inviting the four schools to take part; with the hope that students, by engaging with the concept of “Into The Woods”, would develop and draw out their artistic potential, become aware of and involved with today’s multi-layered art scene; and perhaps realise that art galleries are not elitist, but accessible to all.

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