Our Curriculum Intent for Humanities

Live: Live life with a sense of respect for others, reflecting the past as relevant to the present, supporting a sense of personal identity and personal history. Live with a sense of curiosity. Live with the knowledge and sense of responsibility that we too will leave our impression on the world. Live with the belief that we too are belong and create the continuum narrative of the humanities.
Love: Love and appreciate human values and the expressions of the uniqueness of the human spirit though its many mediums, including the arts, design, history, philosophy, music and architecture. Love and respect developing
spiritual, moral, social and cultural capital as part of being who we are, our aspirations and our needs. Love the freedom to question, to apply a critical eye and to be open to speculation.
Learn: Learn how cultural beliefs and understandings have changed and shaped the landscape we live in both physically and culturally. Learn how our understanding and perspectives of historical and geographical narratives
within a chronological setting, has bearing on how we live our lives today. Learn to become inspired, develop empathy skills, use questioning skills, and make suppositions based on evidences available.

Curriculum Progression Map