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Miss Golawska – PE Subject Leader

Sporting Successes:  Deans Sports Partnership Cup Winners for the third year in a row

A Vital Part of the Curriculum

Our Lady of Lourdes believes that Sport and Physical Education is integral to our pupils’ education and wellbeing. We have many sporting successes at both local school and county level. By offering a wide range of curricular and extra curricular activities we aim to give every child a chance to participate in and enjoy sport.

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Sports Captains

Children in year 6 have the opportunity to become ‘sports captains’ and lead various activities and represent the school in different ways.  This programme is linked to English in terms of the application form and persuasive writing. Those chosen then help in a number of ways such as assisting with the multiskills clubs for younger children and reporting on events for the school noticeboards/website.

Autumn Term 2019 PE Update

So far this term we have, yet again, acquitted ourselves well across the sports competitions and tournaments which we have taken part in. As previously many of the events we have taken part in have been part of the Deans Sports Partnership and have contributed to our current league position of 4th.

However, our first event this academic year was a festival which, rather than being point scoring tournament, focussed on introducing children to new skills and sports. This first festival was focussed on tag rugby and was linked to the rugby world cup. We sent a team of year 5s and 6s, many of whom had never played rugby before. The Longhill sports ambassadors set up and ran skills games challenging our pupils to work with and take on children from a number of different schools.

During October we were also lucky enough to be visited by the team GB 110m hurdler Gianni Frankis. As part of this visit we raised money which helped the school buy new equipment and helped fund Gianni’s training. He demonstrated some of his prowess and helped us all take part in a number of exercise activities including running the hurdles.

During October we also took part in walk to school week. Many children walked to school and we recorded those that did. We also celebrated walking to school completing a mile of walking around our playground as a whole school.

Later in October we also took part in a badminton festival. Badminton England set this event up at Longhill to introduce more children to badminton as a competitive sport and to support those with an interest in developing their skills. We were lucky enough to have some instruction in badminton last year so many of the year 3s and 4s which took part in this event already understood many of the basics of badminton and did extremely well.

Our first competitive event of the year occurred in mid-October as the year 5 and 6 girls took part in a football tournament at St Margaret’s Primary School. We performed extraordinarily in this tournament, particularly our defence which only let in one goal in 5 games. We finished the tournament in 4th place having drawn 4 games, won 1 and lost 1.

Two days later we took part in a mixed under 11s tournament run by Albion in the Community. This was a fantastic city wide tournament in which we played against a number of the biggest schools in Brighton and Hove and more than held our own. We got through the group stage after a number of good performances including an 8-0 victory and made it through to the quarter finals. But, like the England national team many times in the past, we could make it no further losing 2-1 in extra time to the eventual winners of the tournament.

Later in the term we also took part in an indoor cricket tournament as part of the Deans Sports Partnership. The team of year 6s which attended did excellently with a number of excellent bowlers in particular on display. We scored highly and regularly defeated our opponents through our skills with the ball. We ended the tournament in 4th position.

The final event of the term took place on the 20th November. Eight year 5s and eight year 6s took part in a city wide cross country event. Across four races our team took part racing against over 1,200 other children from across the city. We had some excellent individual results with several children winning a medal and as a team we managed to come 4th out of almost 20 teams.

The term was an excellent one for PE and I am very proud of the achievements of all the individuals and teams which I have had the privilege of accompanying on these events.