Some highlights from our most recent parent survey

Our parents’ views are very important to us so that we can work together to be the very best school for your child

Parents are partners with us during the crucial years spent at Primary school.


  • 99%  said their child is happy at the school
  • 97% said their child feels safe at the school
  • 97% said their child makes good progress at the school
  • 97% said their child is taught well at the school
  • 90% said they believe the school makes sure its pupils are well behaved
  • 99% said their child is well looked after at the school
  • 97% said the school is a welcoming place to visit
  • 97% would recommend the school to other parents


Here are some of the comments from parents about what they value about our school:

“I like the school as it’s small and has a real community feel to it. The school is a very positive environment for the children.”
“I value the amazing staff who are so caring and kind.”
“The school is small and friendly, and my children are happy there.”
“I value the sense of community and that all children feel included. I like it how everyone knows each other and that the children are taught values, such as being kind to each other.”
“The school is a loving, nurturing, safe and friendly environment that welcomes and includes all children and parents. It teaches forgiveness, strong morals and kindness to the students.”   “It is a kind, welcoming, caring environment. Children are set clear guidelines as to what is acceptable behaviour.”
“I value the caring, community ethos and the compassion shown to the children.”
“There are high expectations set for the children but they are achievable, so children feel confident when they come to school.”
“It is a very nurturing environment, both spiritually and pastoral, and my child feels incredibly safe and happy there, throughout all of their years.”
“I value the care given to the children, their happiness and wellbeing, as a happy child will learn!”
“Our Lady of Lourdes is a supportive, nurturing school.”
“I value the curriculum, assessment and feedback, and the emotional and well-being support for the children.”
“I appreciate the care given to the children and awareness of teaching the whole child, not just the intellectual – fabulous!”
“The school was highly recommended to us and has lived up to all our expectations.”
“I value the ethos, friendly atmosphere and sense of family environment.”
“I value how well the children are taught to have manners and respect, to be well rounded individuals and how well they are looked after, should they have any specific needs.”
“The culture and environment that has been created at the school is excellent.”
“Our children have been very well taught and looked after ever since they started at the school.”
“The school is inclusive and very caring.”
“When choosing a school, every child I met at Our Lady of Lourdes was a super representative of the school.”
“As a non-Christian family we really appreciate and enjoy the Christian values at this school.”
“The school is well managed, and staff are great.” –
“Everybody is so helpful and reassuring.  I love that we are able to come along to school assemblies and be part of the community.” –
“The school staff are all friendly, approachable and have good relationships with parents and children” –
“I have had three children attend this school, and they have all been very happy here.  They have been taught well.” –
“Good behaviour and good work from the children is always recognised by staff.” –
“I value the all round nurturing environment; the focus on the well-being of the children educationally and emotionally; the focus on the whole person and not just one aspect.”

We encourage all parents to visit Ofsted Parent View and leave their views of our school.


  • My child is happy – 98%
  • My child is safe 98%
  • My child is well looked after – 96%
  • My child is taught well – 94%
  • The school makes sure the pupils behave – 93%
  • The school deals effectively with bullying – 93%
  • The school is well led and managed – 96.3% 
  • The school responds well to concerns – 86% – 9% did not know
  • The communication is timely – 92%
  • I find staff approachable – 96.3%
  • The school is welcoming – 96.3%
  • The school has a strong Catholic ethos 95%
  • The curriculum is broad – 91%
  • The school has a good reputation locally – 95%

Here are some of the comments from parents about what they value about our school:

‘Great school, brilliant teachers, our children love it and so do we!’

‘My child is achieving excellent learning at this school’

‘Great School Community!’

‘We are happy with the school’s effort in helping our children during lockdown.  We appreciate the dedication of staff in supporting children in home and school’

‘A wonderful School’

‘Thankyou for all that you are doing, the support, the love, prayers and understanding’

‘The teachers are excellent’

‘My child only joined in September and have been so far very impressed.  The remote learning has been extremely good.’

We encourage all parents to visit Ofsted Parent View and leave their views of our school.