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Reception, Years 1 and 2 will start at 9am and leave at 3.30pm


We do PE on Tuesdays.  Please ensure your child does not wear earrings and comes to school in their PE kit.

Quick Homework Links


Dear Parents,

Homework is an important part of your child’s learning. Please support and encourage your child with their chosen task(s). They may select the task(s) they find most appealing to further their learning. You do not have to do EVERYTHING!


Click on the link to Oak National Academy  and select Literacy – there are lots of videos and activities to encourage early reading skills

Click on the link to Oak National Academy and select Maths- pay particular attention to early mathematical experiences (15 lessons) and pattern and early number.

Another super website is with a variety of reading, English and maths ideas.

TV: encourage your child to watch numberblocks and alphablocks on CBeebies

Reading: Read a story every day. Before you read, look at the front cover together and talk with your child about what the story might be about – Who is in this story? Where is the story set? What might happen in the story? Has your child ever been to a place like this/had something like this happen to them?

As you read, talk together about the pictures, the characters and what they might be feeling/what they might say. At the end of the story, ask your child whether s/he has enjoyed the story and to say why or why not.

Draw a simple ‘story map’ of the main events of the story and then retell the story from the ‘story map.’

Look at the contents page/index of a non-fiction book. Talk about how to find information.  Encourage your child to find some fun facts about a subject s/he is interested in and to make a poster to share with the family.

Writing: can your child write their name? Encourage holding the pencil correctly


Children roll a dice and count the spots. Then identify the number that is one more and go on a ‘number hunt’ for that number. For example, number 6 on a clock.

Children roll a dice and count the spots. Then identify the number that is one less. Encourage children to show one less in different ways. Write it, draw it, find it and show it.

Children roll two dice and count the spots to find the total. Encourage children to write the number sentence.

Write numbers from 1 to 10 on pieces of paper. Hide them around the house. When your child finds a number can s/he identify the number? Once they have collected all the numbers, can s/he place them in order from 1 to 10? Extend to 20 if confident.

Can s/he count from 0 – 10 counting each object only once?

Write numbers 0-10 ensuring the numbers are correctly formed.

Thank you for your support

Miss Anscombe

we grew our own potatoes - yummy!

world art day

Our newly refurbished Reception Classroom

Over the 2019 summer holidays, the Reception Classroom was treated to a much needed refurbishment.  The classroom now proudly displays a suspended ceiling with LED lighting, new carpet tiles in some areas, new lino, new storage furniture, a new sink unit and counter top, and the original parquet flooring has been sanded down to its original colour and varnished, and the walls painted.  The new Reception children are very lucky to have such an amazing learning environment. Thank you to all staff members who have worked hard to make this happen.