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A dynamic, inclusive school; rooted in its Catholic values and respect for all people; a safe place of successful, enjoyable and challenging learning.

In the event of school being closed for Year 4, we will upload Home Learning related information here.

Year 4 Remote Learning


9am registration

Meeting ID: 803 792 4696

Passcode: friday

Maths: The Mystery of the Christmas Nativity. Can you complete the Maths questions to solve the clues and crack the case? This will put all your Maths learning in Year 4 so far to the test…

Maths Mystery of the Christmas Nativity questions

English: Watch the video: Monty and the Penguin.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSU34BwObCQ

Write a set of instructions ‘How to care for a penguin in your home’, using the worksheet provided. You could use the internet to research penguins to help you with this task. 

Monty the Penguin Worksheet

1pm registration

Same Meeting ID and passcode as before

Art: Christmas craft! Follow the instructions in your learning pack to complete a Christmas craft activity. 

Paper Snowflakes

Colouring Christmas Card

Storytime: Jane Considine will be reading a Christmas story live on Youtube at 10:30am – you can watch the story here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=etlANorwFzM

Happy Holidays Year 4! 🙂 


Register on Zoom at 9am for those able to log on.

Meeting ID: 803 792 4696

Passcode: thursday


IAL: my 11 and 12 times table

Start off by watching the video and completing the questions as you go along.

Then have a go at the worksheet questions.

There are challenge questions to try as well!

Click here for Maths answers

Finally, you can test yourself on your 11 and 12 times table using TTRockstars or Hit the Button.


English: Read the Christmas texts in your pack (one fiction and one non-fiction) and complete the comprehension questions 1 and comprehension questions 2

Zoom register at 1pm

Meeting ID: 803 792 4696

Passcode: thursday2

RE: Watch the short film The Greatest Gift. https://www.literacyshed.com/greatestgift.html

It links to our RE learning about the true gifts of Christmas time.

After you have watched the film discuss with someone at home: 

  • Why is having your loved ones around you worth more than any material gift?
  • Why is having the people you love around you especially important at Christmas time?

Create a letter for Mum/Dad/Guardian/Loved one/Friend telling them how much they appreciate all they do for them throughout the year.


write a prayer thanking God for those people who might not be with their families at Christmas time (think about homeless people, key workers like the NHS, police, fireman and women etc!)

Click here for The Greatest Gift PowerPoint presentation