Our Houses

Each child in the school is a member of one of the school houses.  We have named the houses after characters from Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book:



Shere Khan


Housepoints are given for any positive behaviour and recorded on the class Housepoint chart. Only 1 or 2 housepoints should be given out at a time in order to keep them special. Year 6 will collect totals each week and the winning house will be recognised in the weekly celebration assembly; a cup will be placed on the Housepoint shield to show this. Overall points scored and the winning House will be displayed in the hall. Every term the winning house will be rewarded with an extra play and snack.

Our Lady's Great Christmas Tree Competition

This year, the PTFA have bought each of our four Houses a 6ft pre-lit Christmas Tree. Each House will be decorating their tree with decorations in their House colour. The decorations can be made or bought (home-made wins every time, in our books) and then brought in for the tree. We need to ensure things brought from home are quarantined, so we’re asking for all decorations to be brought in by December 10th. During the final week of term, the children will be able to put their decoration on the tree and then, during the Christmas Dinner, we’ll be asking Theresa (our school cook) and Mike (one of our school cleaners) to choose the winner. Understandably, the children are excited by this and can make their decoration as soon as they like – they just need to bring it in by December 10th and place it in the boxes in Mr Barber’s office.

Virtual Sports Day 2020 results for each house