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A dynamic, inclusive school; rooted in its Catholic values and respect for all people; a safe place of successful, enjoyable and challenging learning.


Our Curriculum Intent for English

Live: At Our Lady of Lourdes we believe that our high-quality English curriculum will equip our pupils with the knowledge, skills and understanding to become lifelong learners, linguists and readers. We want to empower every child to become a confident reader, writer and speaker, so that they can communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively and independently.
Love: Through our Talk for Writing approach, pupils are immersed in exciting quality texts to instil a passion for reading, speaking and writing. Our children enjoy writing for a range of purposes and contexts, and we provide interesting and creative learning opportunities which encourage pupils to see themselves as authors, readers, poets and performers.
Learn: Our English lessons develop pupils’ spoken language, reading, writing and vocabulary. Teachers build on children’s interests and enthusiasms, often teaching English in a cross-curricular way. We use Talk for Writing to encourage our children to discuss their ideas, convey their thoughts confidently and develop more sophisticated vocabulary.