Our Curriculum Intent for Science

Live: We live to value, respect and understand the magnificence and inter connectedness of our world and all its creatures. We live curiously, always observing, questioning, investigating and appreciating the importance of Science in our everyday lives. We live with accountability knowing that we are responsible and capable to care for our earth and all the treasures and wonders it beholds.
Love: We love all beings and matter that exists in our world, aware and in awe of its perfection and power. In love, we seek to value, understand, respect and care for living organisms, the physical environment and all that exists.
Learn: We learn to be critical thinkers with a joy and enthusiasm for scientific knowledge and discovery. We learn, through inquiry and investigation, the implications of Science in the past, today and for our future. We learn to use Science to improve and grow our world in positive and sustainable ways for all life.

Curriculum Progression Map