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Governors’ Message to parents

Dear Parents and Carers

How happy we all were to have said goodbye to the ghastly year that was 2020, looking forward to the idea that normality was just around the corner and life would become easier again only to find ourselves back in another truly disheartening lockdown for the third time.

Yet again this brings unimaginable pressures on our school community, but we can say with confidence our staff have done and continue to do their absolute best.  Teaching staff have spent hours putting together material to send home, working longer hours, and undertaking work outside of their comfort zones to video record content and conduct live links to enable as much remote learning as possible. Our support staff are the foundations of our school and without them our school simply could not open to our keyworker children – we are so profoundly grateful to our school and each and every member of our staff for what they do.

However, we know they are not the only ones doing all they can. Parents and carers are also facing unimaginable pressures, whether facing extended period of furlough, job losses, struggling with childcare or working from home whilst home-schooling, to name but a few, life is tremulously difficult for everyone at the moment.  For those of you home-schooling worrying about how you can hold down your job whilst supporting your children please remember that you can only do your best and that is good enough, also remember your personal situation is different to other families with different challenges, you can only do what you can and it’s OK to adjust your expectations.

Lastly remember you are doing enough.  You are loving the children in your care and supporting them through the most difficult circumstances and the governors at Our Lady’s want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued understanding and appreciation of the difficulties that we are all facing, and for the support you have given and continue to give to the school.

We will, as always continue to support the school ensuring that we fulfil our duties as Governors with an emphasis on supporting the physical and mental wellbeing of the children, families, and staff.

With best wishes,

The Governors

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