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A dynamic, inclusive school; rooted in its Catholic values and respect for all people; a safe place of successful, enjoyable and challenging learning.

Sport and PE

Our Curriculum Intent for PE

What’s our Curriculum Intent for this Subject:

Live: We aim to support our children’s physical, emotional and academic development by placing activity and sport at the centre of our school community. We intend to offer a Physical Education (PE) curriculum that is inclusive, engaging and inspires all pupils to succeed in all physically demanding activities, including competitive sport. We understand the importance PE, School Sport and Physical Activity has on childrens’ health, fitness and mental wellbeing. We provide opportunities for all children to be physically active for sustained periods of time and we teach children the importance of leading healthy, active lives and making informed and appropriate lifestyle choices.

Love: We’d like for all our children at Our Lady of Lourdes to develop a lifelong love of physical activity and sport. We hope to support the creation of a co-operative, motivated and resilient community of learners and help to develop essential skills such as leadership and teamwork. Our children will be exposed to a range of physical activities and competitive sports that will allow them to experience and explore sports in ways that they may have not before.

Learn: We intend to deliver high-quality teaching and learning opportunities that enables all children to succeed. We want our children to enjoy their learning, be resilient and consistently strive to give their best at all times. With every lesson, our children will be given the opportunity to develop and refine their practical skills and techniques, further their knowledge of the PE Curriculum, consider the impact that sport has on their health and fitness, compete with themselves and one another and evaluate this performance. In addition, we want all our children to be inspired to participate and succeed in competitive sport. These opportunities allow our children to celebrate successes, learn from their setbacks, embed values such as fairness and respect and instil a love of competition that will hopefully lead to a lifelong participation in sport.


At Our Lady of Lourdes, we use ‘The PE Planning’ website and resources to support the teaching and delivery of our PE curriculum. To ensure we comply with copyright laws, we haven’t published this document to our website, but materials can be viewed on request. Below is an overview of our curriculum and the sports we teach throughout the year. This includes lessons taught by class teachers as well as lessons taught by Mr Hoad.